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ManageEngine IT management solutions assist automotive organisations manage their IT efficiently so they can focus on producing high-quality motors.

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Find solutions that will:

Ensuring uninterrupted network access

Uninterrupted network availability is crucial to an automotive’s daily operations.

  • Configure, track, and manage network configurations using network configuration automation, and schedule automatic configuration backups.
  • Automate first level network fault troubleshooting steps and ongoing maintenance tasks.
  • Alert IT teams and engineers to issues in the IT/OT environment through multiple-channels, and ensure easy troubleshooting with detailed root cause analysis.

Protect your production environment

  • Identify and react to threats with dynamic threat intelligence and real-time threat detection.
  • Detect unusual activity in the network using ML and AI powered user entity and behavior analytics (UEBA).
  • Expose insider threats, account compromise, and data exfiltration using UEBA enabled threat corroboration.

Improve service delivery, ensure customer delight

  • Automate preventive maintenance and other repetitive tasks with automatic task creation, and detect and resolve issues before they result in downtime.
  • Improve productivity and the end-user experience by extending service desk capabilities on the same platform to HR, finance, and other service delivery areas.
  • Increase service desk efficiency and eliminate repetitive manual tasks using advanced workflows and automation.

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Watch this video on how ManageEngine IT software can improve the Automotive industry.

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