ADAudit Plus’ year in review

2021 was a feature-packed year for ADAudit Plus. Having rolled out an array of new auditing capabilities, features, and enhancements, ADAudit Plus has continued to make it easier for you to gain visibility and control over your Active Directory (AD), Azure AD, and Windows Server environment. As the year has drawn to a close, let’s take a look at the top features ManageEngine released in 2021.

To enhance your IT security and streamline regulatory compliance, ADAudit Plus introduced 12 new features that can help you:

  1. Audit Synology, Hitachi NAS, and Huawei OceanStor devices.
  2. Get accurate User Work Hours report by also factoring in users’ work shift timings.
  3. Retrieve logon reports faster with ADAudit Plus’s DataEngine.
  4. Track advanced DNS changes.
  5. Monitor AD replication.
  6. Audit PowerShell script blocks and modules.
  7. Detect Netlogon vulnerabilities.
  8. Securely access ADAudit Plus using 2FA and SSO.
  9. Audit Azure AD password protection.
  10. Audit remote workstations without using a VPN.
  11. Audit remote and virtual desktop technologies like persistent and non-persistent VDIs, linked-clone and full-clone VDIs in VMs, Azure Virtual Desktop, and DirectAccess.
  12. Leverage ADAudit Plus’s security-hardened architecture to keep your data more secure.

If you’re new to ADAudit Plus, you can try it out by booking a free demo.

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