Get your IT back to optimal health- IT management solutions for the healthcare industry

As technology advances, so does the healthcare industry. New technology has had a tremendous impact on the healthcare industry locally and internationally over the years.

Inside healthcare institutions technology has made it possible to digitize almost every healthcare aspect. From client information up to using machines that can determine your prognoses. From the outside, technology has made it possible for patients to communicate and book their appointments and order their medicine online.  But what happens if procedures get interrupted due to insubstantial IT management?

Having the latest technology in healthcare comes with great responsibility from your IT departments to manage the IT infrastructure. ManageEngine’s solutions allow healthcare institutions to optimise their IT infrastruture, always keeping their fingers on the pulse. 

ManageEngine’s solutions will provide optimal IT health by:

Resolving issues quickly

When emergency hits, doctors and all other staff members require quick resolution on issues, so the focus can be placed on patient care. Implementation of a ticketing system would help your IT administrators to manage and resolve issues as they happen. 

Streamline the requests with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus with its efficient benefits:

  • Promptly manage complaints and requests
  • Highlight business-critical problems
  • Enable easy use for technicians and users 
  • Monitor the performance and health of overall IT services

Help your IT administrators track and respond to every ticket issued by doctors and other staff. Organise your IT by integrating your service desk with your user portals and devices, all in one place. 

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Ensuring 24/7 network availability

Reliable computer networks are crucial to the health-care industry, as it could be the difference between life and death. With data and information being updated regularly, it is dependent on a high-quality network.

ManageEngine’s IT operations solutions always keep your networks up:

  • Ensure high network uptime
  • Monitor the bandwidth availability for your critical systems
  • Instant alerts on network failures or attacks
  • Manage medical equipment on your network

Prevent downtime and ensure uninterrupted access to your network to provide the best possible platform for your organization.

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Managing and reporting on user access

Making sure that all patient files and records are secure with the correct user-permissions would prevent any mismanagement of data. 

ManageEngine’s AD suite would enable you to:

  • Manage all user accounts in bulk
  • Report on your HIPAA compliance
  • Track all user logons and activities on your Active Directory 
  • Audit, report and back up your Active Directory  

ManageEngine’s AD solutions simplifies user account, reporting and compliance form a single dashboard. 

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Guaranteeing security and compliance

Cyber security is a crucial element to implement in the health care industry. With medical records stored and control of all medical equipment, cyber-attacks could have disastrous effects on your organization. 

ManageEngine’s security solutions will help your IT administrators to:

  • Protect health records and patient data
  • Audit user’s logon activities and prevent unauthorized access to your network
  • Manage and secure admin passwords
  • Adhere to HIPAA and other security standards
  • Monitor network traffic and get alerted with any potential threats

With the right security solutions, you will be able to protect data, prevent unauthorized access and secure information.

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Managing equipment and devices

With advanced health care comes numerous devices that need to be updated, connected and patched into your network.

ManageEngine’s Desktop Central allows your IT team to do the following:

  • Control all remote devices and install the needed software and applications in bulk
  • Manage patch deployment across multiple campuses
  • Ensure maintenance of systems and devices

Manage endpoints and critical systems from a single console. 

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You take care of your IT, so your doctors can take care of their patients.

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