Is IT security under attack?

From credential theft to network vulnerability exploitation and ransomware incidents on highly secure organizations, the year 2020 has been surprisingly rough on IT security. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies around the world are reporting more cyberattacks than ever before, and although the techniques used or the method of attack may be new, the vectors of attack over the years remain unchanged. Your organization’s ever-expanding digital footprint is also a factor adding to this risk, which cybercriminals are aware of and are willing to exploit.

The aftermath of attacks like these isn’t pretty. Confidential business data is exposed or blocked from access, the internal details of the configuration of domain networks is leaked, or private employee information may have been siphoned out. Resurrection and restoration after such security incidents isn’t cost-efficient, and the collateral damage on the reputation and brand of organizations can be significant. The only plausible solution to stop or prevent these incidents in their tracks is to understand their inner workings—in other words, the behind the scenes investigation—to discover the root cause, or at the very least to learn about the propagation factors.

Is IT security under attack? 1

Unfortunately, more often than not, when security attacks happen on organizations, investigative reports only reveal the less intrusive details, and avoid disclosing confidential information that may impact IT security. Without sufficient information about the actual attack techniques used, building a security program is like the old parable of the blind men and an elephant, where system administrators and security architects will be forced to build a defense strategy based on their own perception of reality.

Our “IT security under attack” webpage sheds light on the various tactics that threat actors use to intrude and persist inside networks. These are simulations (yes, video!) of the different techniques that threat actors use to compromise your network security in the various stages of an attack chain, and it doesn’t end there; we’ve also built a defense strategy that you can implement immediately to prevent attacks like these in your network.

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