Strengthen your IT to manufacture at maximum efficiency – IT management solutions for the manufacturing industry

Technology has come a long way in terms of manufacturing, by automizing some aspects of the manufacturing process, the turn-around time for completed elements are quicker and more streamlined. But with interrupted IT operations, production could come to a standstill, especially when working with outsourced contracted suppliers. Always optimize your IT with comprehensive IT management solutions to steer clear of manufacturing interruptions which could affect your bottom line.

Overcome important IT obstacles and accelerate productivity by implementing the following:

Ensure uninterrupted network access

In the manufacturing space, networks adopt a flexible hybrid infrastructure, specific department applications and state-of-the-art technologies. This could lead to your networks underperforming, due to the amount of applications running and overpowering the network.

Eliminate network and application issues through IT operations management benefits:

  • Ensuring uninterrupted network availability. 
  • Prioritizing alerts by urgency.
  • Identifying and eliminating faults to prevent recurrence. 
  • Monitoring applications across departments.
  • Enforcing internal and external regulatory policies.

Be able to keep an eye on your network and bandwidth with ManageEngine software.

Deliver swift maintenance for smoother operations

Manufacturing consists of numerous elements being produced in order to fulfil the main objective in the shortest amount of time. During the whole manufacturing process, each department must be managed to ensure that productivity stays at optimal efficiency. With ManageEngine software you would be able to manage the production, eliminate down time on networks needed and improve productivity on all elements produced.

Streamline your production with ServiceDesk Plus and reap the benefits of:

  • Automizing routine tasks.
  • Meeting SLAs and managing contracts.
  • Eliminating repetitive faults and reducing downtime.
  • Maintaining your asset inventory.
  • Centralizing your help desk for multiple locations. 

ServiceDesk Plus is an ITIL-ready, help desk management software that allows you to make your help desk the control centre of your IT infrastructure.

Maintain different access rights for internal and external stakeholders

Manufacturing mostly relies on outsourced services to assist with projects, which could have an impact on your IT security. Profiles, passwords and logs need to be managed carefully to avoid any security issues.

ManageEngine’s IT security management solutions provide you with the following attributes:

  • Managing multi-level accounts.
  • Monitoring your endpoint security.
  • Managing your firewall event logs. 
  • Ensuring SOX compliance.  

Strengthen your IT infrastructure for smooth IT audits and seamless operations in your manufacturing process.

Manage your devices all at once

In manufacturing, different devices are needed to manage each specific task in every department. With Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and IoT the number of endpoints continues to grow, which makes it difficult to manage.

ManageEngine’s device management software will help your IT administrators to:

  • Deploy patches across different systems and locations.
  • Save electricity by automatically powering down idle devices.
  • Control user access on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Preserve trading secrets with security restrictions on each device.

Control your organization’s devices while maintaining employee privacy and flexibility.

Manage account users across departments and locations

With multiple users spread across different departments and locations makes it difficult for your IT managers. With constant manual account updates, password resets and making sure your organization is compliant, you would be losing a lot of time. 

ManageEngine’s Active Directory management solutions allow your IT team to do the following:

  • Manage user accounts in bulk with password management.
  • Report on audit compliance of your organization.
  • Track Active Directory changes throughout your network.

Keep an eye on all AD activity, staff accounts and protect your network from breakdowns with ManageEngine’s Active Directory backup and recovery tool. 

Streamline your IT management for prime efficiency. Overcome IT obstacles in manufacturing and accelerate your productivity today! 

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