The ultimate Microsoft 365 management and security tool

The hybrid work environment is a significant and challenging change we have embraced in the past two years due to the pandemic. And Microsoft 365 continues to be the most chosen cloud-based work suite with 50.2 million users around the world. With cloud-based products, all we need is internet connectivity. The people, files and data we work with travel with us, irrespective of where we work from.

Microsoft 365 comes with a wide array of features to simplify collaboration and communication. However, it falls short of features for IT administrators. With separate windows for individual feature or services offered by Microsoft 365, administration becomes time consuming.

ManageEngine’s M365 Manager Plus eliminates the burden for IT admins by administrating Microsoft 365 operations through sophisticated features that include:

  • Single window feature: The management and security features of Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams, Azure Active Directory, OneDrive for Business, and other services are available under a single window.
  • Built-in reports: Preconfigured single-click reports on Microsoft 365 services are provided, including a separate category for security and compliance reports.
  • Management: Save precious time with the bulk management features provided by M365 Manager Plus. Just upload a CSV file with all the required data. From simple password resets to full permission management, any activity can be performed on any number of users or mailboxes quickly and efficiently.
  • Automation: Simplify user and mailbox management with M365 Manager Plus automation features that create event-driven automation policies. When triggered, they execute a chain of tasks that don’t require human intervention. Even simple tasks, like password resets for blocked accounts, can be automated to execute at specified intervals.
  • Auditing: Instead of retrieving the required data from the unified audit log, try M365 Manager Plus’ customisable audit reports. These reports promptly and accurately provide real-time audit data, dating back to the day of configuration.
  • Alerts: What is security without alerts? Receive instant email notifications on critical and suspicious user activities. Create your own alert profiles to keep an eye on all user and admin activities.
  • Mailbox content search: Search for emails with insider and personally identifiable information that might cause compliance violations and possibly result in hefty penalties.
  • Monitoring: M365 Manager Plus comes with an intuitive dashboard that provides a sneak peek at the health status of all Microsoft 365 services. You can also receive health status emails at scheduled intervals.
  • Help desk delegation: Create your own help desk roles without providing admin privileges using M365 Manager Plus. This enables you to delegate specific tasks to individual technicians and track their activities using a dedicated set of reports.

The feature list does not end here, and includes virtual tenants, tenant-based delegation, password expiry notifications, template-based management, notification templates, graphical dashboards, embeddable dashboards, and a lot more. In simpler words, M365 Manager Plus helps make an IT admin’s life easier.

Click here to read more about M365 Manager Plus features. Book a demo to learn how this comprehensive solution will help manage your Microsoft 365 environment. 

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