Use a hybrid Exchange environment? Exchange Reporter Plus has got your back!

Cloud technology is becoming important for most companies, sometimes with entire businesses being run on the cloud. And let’s face it—the cloud has obvious advantages over on-premises options, such as increased reliability, reduced downtime and cost, and more. Companies using Exchange Servers for business emails have also jumped on the cloud bandwagon to experience its finer points.

However, there are still plenty of organizations that are sceptical about the security and reliability of the cloud. The best way to ease their scepticism? Implementing a hybrid (mix of on-premises and cloud) Exchange environment until they are ready for a complete Office 365 migration to the cloud.

How does Exchange Reporter Plus factor in here?

When adopting hybrid environments, administrators need to constantly monitor not just their on-premises Exchange Servers, but also Exchange Online. Until recently, Exchange Reporter Plus offered over 200 reports for on-premises Exchange Servers. Now, 200 more reports have been added that specifically cater to Exchange Online. You can now secure and analyse messaging data in both on-premises Exchange Servers and Exchange Online, right from a single console.

With the new Exchange Online analysis functionality, administrators can: 

  • Fetch mailbox size statistics.
  • Monitor email traffic.
  • Audit mailbox activity.
  • Identify spam emails.
  • Detect emails carrying malware.

With over 400 unique reports on your entire Exchange environment, Exchange Reporter Plus has truly become the go-to solution for reporting on, auditing, and monitoring your Exchange data.

Try it for yourself and book a demo today!

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