Why ManageEngine PAM360 is the ultimate privileged access management solution

ManageEngine continuously builds the most comprehensive and tightly integrated IT management software suites on the market. Over 90 products and free tools are offered to manage all your IT needs, including Active Directory management, help desk management, desktop and mobile device management, network and server management, application management, IT security, and analytics.

PAM360, a complete privileged access management (PAM) solution, was launched in October 2019. To date, PAM360 has helped hundreds of fast-growing enterprises worldwide gain holistic visibility over their privileged access security. With a 360-degree approach, enterprises can now establish deep correlations and contextually fit privileged access security into their overall operations across their IT infrastructure.

PAM360 offers an all-in-one PAM platform. Let’s take a quick look at already-available PAM offerings:

  • Password Manager Pro: A robust tool to manage the passwords of all endpoints across the IT infrastructure. It allows companies to discover privileged accounts, and rotate their passwords periodically. It also offers basic SSH key management and session management features as add-ons.
  • Key Manager Plus: A simple tool to manage the end-to-end life cycle of SSH keys and SSL certificates.
  • Access Manager Plus: An easy remote session management tool with privileged access and monitoring features.

What makes PAM360 special?

PAM360 is a all-in-one PAM platform offering the features available in the products above and much more all from a centralized console, providing the correlation of privileged access security data with other moving parts of your IT infrastructure.

  • Privileged account governance: Regulate access to critical IT assets, and monitor and audit all subsequent privileged access from a unified console.
  • Just-in-time privilege elevation: Delegate just-in-time controls for domain accounts and on-demand privilege elevation.
  • Privileged session monitoring: Record privileged sessions, and enjoy dual controls with real-time session shadowing and termination capabilities.
  • Privileged user behavior analytics: Auto-detect anomalies in privileged account activities in the IT infrastructure by correlating privileged access data from all the endpoints.
  • SSL/TLS certificate management: Get a clear picture of your SSH and SSL environments, and manage them effectively.

Unique features available only in PAM360

Smart access management workflow automation, application scaling for multi-tenant deployments, advanced analytics, integration with third-party vulnerability scanners, hardware-based encryption solutions, security information, and event management (SIEM) solutions, just-in-time privilege elevation, deep learning, and machine learning-based behavior alerts, and that’s not all!

 The above is not an exhaustive list of features and integrations available in PAM360. Check out our website and resources section to learn more. So, why wait? Book a demo to explore various PAM features yourself, and see how they benefit your company.

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