Back to work: An IT admin’s guide

IT teams played a pivotal role in enabling remote work and will similarly have a central part in facilitating the various return-to-work strategies. While the shift to remote work happened almost overnight, returning to work will be a gradual process, giving IT teams time to prepare.

10 secret strategies to supercharge IT reporting

Your ITSM data does not necessarily generate value to your organisation—unless you deploy the best reporting and analytical strategies to gain actionable insights. Today’s service desk managers are constantly required to do more with less while still maintaining service quality, keeping up with the ever-increasing technological demands of end users, and supporting their organisation’s digital transformation efforts.

Strategic roadmap to ensure Exchange security

A new set of security vulnerabilities have surfaced with the increased adoption of remote work. This has led to a surge in the number of IT and email-based attacks. Data theft and hacking techniques are becoming more sophisticated and trickier to crack. Therefore, it is so essential to fortify and secure your Exchange environment at all costs.