desktop computer challenges in education

Anatomy of Desktop Computer Challenges in Education Sector

Education institutions that rely on computers for their daily operations face numerous challenges in managing their desktops. This whitepaper targets the IT Administrators and IT Managers belonging to Education vertical in discussing the importance of desktop management and how a desktop management solution should assist them in efficiently managing their desktops.

Leveraging Bring Your Own Device

Leveraging Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

With the coming together of PCs and mobile devices, we are witnessing an unprecedented increase in enterprise mobility. Today, mobiles and tablets are ubiquitous in any workplace. Employees access most of their business applications by using mobile devices. Some industries, such as education, manufacturing, and healthcare, have responded quite well to this trend, and they allow their employees to access corporate data by using mobile devices securely. This paper analyzes the challenges involved with BYOD, the ways to leverage the benefits and brings out the best practices in order to effectively utilize the BYOD trend.

EMA research report

EMA research report: The must-haves for a network performance monitoring (NPM) solution

Time and again, network admins face a lot of challenges in monitoring their IT infrastructure and often rely on more than one tool which leaves them tangled with too much data and no actual information. Be it cloud, on-premises or a hybrid environment the most viable option would be to use a single NPM solution which can cover all areas of network monitoring without one having to spend a lot.