Take the clinical approach to IT management – Get your IT back to optimal health.

As new practices replace traditional medical approaches, IT management becomes more and more critical. Thankfully, the prescription for secure, compliant, and high-performance IT is simple: ManageEngine.

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Find solutions that could assist with:

Resolving issues quickly

Streamline the requests with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus with its efficient benefits:

  • Promptly manage complaints and requests
  • Highlight business-critical problems
  • Enable easy use for technicians and users 
  • Monitor the performance and health of overall IT services

Suggested Product: ServiceDesk Plus

Ensuring 24/7 network availability

Prevent downtime and ensure uninterrupted access to your network to provide the best possible platform for your organization.

  • Ensure high network uptime
  • Monitor the bandwidth availability for your critical systems
  • Instant alerts on network failures or attacks
  • Manage medical equipment on your network

Suggested Product: OpManager & Site24/7

Guaranteeing security and compliance

With the right security solutions, you will be able to protect data, prevent unauthorized access and secure information.

  • Protect health records and patient data
  • Audit user’s logon activities and prevent unauthorized access to your network
  • Manage and secure admin passwords
  • Adhere to HIPAA and other security standards
  • Monitor network traffic and get alerted with any potential threats

Suggested Products: ADAudit Plus, ADManager Plus, Log360

Managing equipment and devices

With advanced health care comes numerous devices that need to be updated, connected and patched into your network. Manage endpoints and critical systems from a single console.

Suggested Product: Desktop Central

Watch this video on how ManageEngine IT software can improve the Healthcare industry.

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