Housing / Development
Streamlined business solutions for property development and management.

Property management is becoming increasingly competitive as stakeholders flock towards a growing market. Whether you are an individual, part of an agency, or an owner who wants to manage their own properties, it is important to utilise the most intelligent business solutions to ensure your business is a step ahead of the competition.

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Find solutions that will:

Guarantee security and compliance

  • Protect important documents belonging to customers
  • Audit user’s logon activities and prevent unauthorised access to your network
  • Manage and secure admin passwords
  • Adhere to HIPAA and other security standards
  • Monitor network traffic and get alerted with any potential threats

Suggested Products: ADAudit PlusADManager PlusLog360, AD360

View and predict property trends

  • Streamline data collection and maintain a single repository that users can access at any time
  • Generate and share reports faster
  • Speed up both the customer sign-up process and the internal team’s application review tasks
  • Manage day-to-day operations and track the status of various tasks
  • Predict property development trends

Suggested Product: Analytics Plus

Resolve issues quickly

  • Promptly manage complaints and requests
  • Highlight business-critical problems
  • Enable easy use for technicians and users
  • Monitor the performance of overall IT services

Suggested Product: ServiceDesk Plus

Monitor network traffic

  • Drill down into devices and interfaces to get a better view of network traffic behaviour at customizable timeframes
  • Create threshold violation alert profiles
  • Automatic scheduling of reports to save time spent on mundane everyday checks on the network status
  • Distributed monitoring of branch offices

Suggested Product: Netflow Analyzer

Watch this video on how ManageEngine IT software can improve the Housing / Development industry.

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