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Let your insurance company grow further with IT management solutions that perfectly adapt to your needs. Align IT to business with ManageEngine, affordable, feature-rich software that’s easy to use.

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Find solutions that will:

Enhance risk protection

  • Collect logs from devices and applications across the globe, hybrid or otherwise, into a single console and analyse them using machine learning to mitigate existing threats, anticipate possible network security issues, and identify vulnerabilities in the network.
  • Detect and shut down malware or other cyber attacks at inception with an automated threat response system.
  • Respond to critical incidents instantly by blocking file transfers and deleting or quarantining files.
  • Investigate and uncover the attackers’ behaviour with rapid forensic analysis in response to the incidents and record the intelligence for future reference.
  • Scrutinize the email content sent and received by your organization including attachments, message headers, trash folders, etc. to identify threat indicators and combat phishing attacks.
  • Monitor Active Directory objects, audit changes in real time, and supervise Exchange servers to strengthen your defenses against insider attacks.

Suggested Products: ADAudit Plus, AD360

Stay compliant

  • Monitor access to your clients’ confidential financial and personal information by tracking actions performed on files and folders.
  • Record users accessing systems and monitor for possible abuse. Identify the time and place of logon events, whether they were successful, and the cause of failure.
  • Keep track of changes made to objects and groups inside Active Directory, changes made to user rights and privileges, and changes in security policies.
  • Collect and securely archive audit log data to review records of user activities on information systems and conduct forensic analysis in response to incidents.
  • Generate compliance reports to keep track of your conformity to compliance regulations and for auditing.

Suggested Product: Log360

Data visibility and security

  • Audit, monitor, receive alerts on, and report on all file accesses
  • Detect, disrupt, and respond to sensitive data leaks
  • Perform content inspection and contextual analysis
  • Analyse disk space usage, manage junk data, identify at-risk data, and analyse file permissions

Suggested Product: Data Security Plus

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