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Do you run into “Running out of disk space!” alerts every time you try archiving logs to meet your IT compliance requirements? Then you should definitely check out Log360 Cloud. Log360 Cloud is a cloud-based solution for managing and storing log data from your on-premises environment. Log360 Cloud manages log data securely on the cloud and greatly cuts down IT spending on log storage devices.

Product includes

  • Ability to cut your log storage spending
  • A focus on attack mitigation
  • Ability to access log data from anywhere
  • Ability to scale your network architecture without worrying about log volume

How can Log360 Cloud help you?

SIEM on cloud– Log360 Cloud is a cloud SIEM deployment. It lets you store, process, and analyze log data on the cloud. Log360 Cloud also comes bundled with a robust threat intelligence solution to alert you when external threats are found in your network.

Easy to setup– Log360 Cloud starts managing logs within minutes of deployment. You just need to install the log collection agent and configure your devices.

Hassle-free log management– Store all log data on a secure cloud platform and save big on your IT storage spending. And it doesn’t end there. With a best-in-class log search engine, Log360 Cloud facilitates speedy forensic and root cause analysis. 

Real-time alerts– Configure and get alerted about suspicious events across your network so your security teams can act immediately at an early stage.

Built-in incident management – Create and assign tickets to admins using the built-in ticketing console, when possible threat events are detected. This also lets analysts collaborate on speedy incident resolution.

Compliance audit reports– Easily demonstrate compliance with regulatory mandates such as PCI DSS, FISMA, GLBA, GDPR, SOX, and more using audit-ready compliance report templates. Also get alerted for compliance violations.


  • Centralized log management and analytics
  • Built-in threat intelligence
  • Incident management for security teams
  • Customizable compliance reports
  • Advanced search for speedy forensic and root cause analysis

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