ITR Technology- sole distributers of ManageEngine Software in South Africa

Having started the race with only two employees, ITR Technology Pty Ltd originated as a trading company, from MarbriTech Distribution which was established in 1999 as a connectivity, printer accounting and Secure Printing specialist.

After being recognized as a suitable ManageEngine partner in 2001, various developers engaged ITR Technology as the preferred partner. They not only grew in their products and solution offering but also in clients and market share in various aspects of the ICT industry. Once ITR Technology proved their growth, they were given the sole distributor rights to distribute ManageEngine products in South Africa.

To date, ITR Technology is a strong team of 24 young and vibrant employees and the team has gone from strength to strength. Having won multiple, prestigious sales awards from ManageEngine’s head office Chennai, one can see the level of devotion and compassion ITR Technology employees have for ManageEngine customers in South Africa.

ITR Technology also has a strong reseller channel and has formed partnerships with some of the largest ICT companies in South Africa and parts of Africa. ITR Technology has recently expanded its digital footprint to parts of Africa to increase the ManageEngine skills level on the continent through its certified ManageEngine training programme in Namibia and Mozambique.

Their proven track record, ability to understand client’s requirements and the high quality of software, combined with affordable and flexible pricing structures, ensure that ITR Technology customers receive only the best service backed by high standards of local support.

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