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SharePoint Manager Plus

SharePoint Manager Plus is a reporting and auditing tool that puts you in control of your SharePoint management and auditing. It allows you to monitor, track and analyze all the activities in your SharePoint infrastructure which facilitates informed, timely and accurate decision making and management. Additionally, the tool tracks and alerts about changes to SharePoint server configurations and security settings.

Product Includes

  • SharePoint Management
  • SharePoint Auditing
  • Office 365 SharePoint Reporting
  • Office365 SharePoint Auditing
  • SharePoint Group Management
  • SharePoint Reporting
  • Email Alert Notifications
  • SharePoint Security Reports
  • SharePoint Permission Management
  • on-premises SharePoint Auditing
  • Explore SharePoint Infrastructure
  • SharePoint Usage Analytics

How can SharePoint Manager Plus help you?

  • Provides detailed out-of-the-box reports on security level and component level changes helping you ensure server security and makes SharePoint auditing easier than ever before.
  • An agentless solution that doesn’t require any installation on the server side for analyzing and auditing SharePoint server data.
  • The solution supports both on-premises and online SharePoint. SharePoint Manager Plus supports SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365.
  • SharePoint Manager Plus enables the viewing of the hierarchical architecture of your entire SharePoint environment (both online and on-premises servers).


  • Perform critical Sharepoint management tasks
  • SharePoint Management Reports
  • Reports for Office 365 Management
  • Efficient SharePoint Server Auditing
  • Explore SharePoint Infrastructure
  • Alerting Console
  • Audit Log Archival

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