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AlarmsOne enables admins to centrally manage alerts from all of their IT management tools. AlarmsOne consolidates IT alerts and intelligently groups them based on host, network device, application, database, and more. It gives deeper visibility into each alert to minimise downtime and maximise performance.

Product Includes

  • Multiple monitoring tools, one alarm engine.
  • Simple alert management for complex IT.
  • Real-time alerts and multi-channel notifications
  • Intelligent classification and easy filtering.
  • Manage multiple locations from one place.

How will Alarmsone help you?

  • Manage your IT alerts from one console.
  • Get in-depth visibility of your systems.
  • Keep your system up and running at all times and resolve issues fast.
  • Auto-remediate IT incidents and accelerate your workflow.
  • Manage alerts from anywhere.


  • Auto-remediation-Run scripts to fix known issues automatically.
  • Role-based access-Limit users' actions based on their roles.
  • Alarm actions-Open, acknowledge, close, and delete alerts as needed.
  • Alarm grouping- Group alerts based on severity, application, category, or display name.
  • Custom views- Easily filter and classify your alerts.
  • Alarm tags-Tag your alerts and keep an eye on critical incidents.
  • Multi-criteria alerting-Filter out redundant alerts and get only the notifications you need.
  • Noise reduction-Get notified once and eliminate other redundant alerts.
  • Alarm modifier-Modify an alert when it satisfies certain conditions.
  • Schedules-Decide who should receive notifications, when, and how.
  • Overrides-Substitute one user for another, delegate responsibilities, and never let an alert
    go unnoticed.
  • Alarm escalations- Notify another technician when your on-call staff fails to acknowledge or
    close an alert.
  • Real-time collaboration-Share alerts with your team, raise tickets, and effectively discuss and
    resolve incidents.
  • Downtime- Schedule your downtime to stop receiving meaningless alerts when your IT is
    under maintenance.
  • Alarm tracking- View all the recent activities related to an alert.
  • On-the-go alert management-Extend alert management to your mobile devices to quickly
    respond to alerts.

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