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OpManager Plus

OpManager Plus is an integrated network performance management solution that eliminates the need for multiple monitoring tools and provides greater visibility across your entire network. OpManager Plus is packed with advanced network management capabilities for monitoring networks, servers, IP addresses, and switch ports; managing bandwidth and network configurations; and analyzing firewall logs before archiving them. Rid your network of blind spots by deploying this powerful, integrated solution with a unified approach to network management.

Product Includes

  • Network Monitoring
  • Server Monitoring
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Network Configuration Management
  • Firewall Log Analysis
  • IP Address & Switch Port Management
  • Applications Management

How can OpManager Plus help you?

  • Monitor the health of all network devices in real time through various protocols.
  • Monitors the status, availability, health, and performance of both physical and virtual servers.
  • Supports NetFlow, sFlow, cFlow, J-Flow, AppFlow, FNF, IP FIX, and NetStream to help you drill down to the root level of traffic and effectively manage bandwidth.
  • Automate device backup changes and provide detailed information on all your network devices and their configurations.
  • Extend support to your firewalls by collecting, analyzing, and archiving log data.
  • Manage IP addresses and switch ports easily.
  • Gain deeper insight on business-critical applications and the servers that they run on.


Monitor critical metrics about the health, availability, and status of your networks and devices, including:

  • Packet loss
  • Response time
  • CPU, memory, and disk space utilization
  • Errors and discards
  • Network traffic via SNMP

Track the health of network devices like servers, routers, switches, and firewalls to:

  • Identify performance issues caused by hardware errors.
  • Monitor hardware metrics like power, temperature, and voltage.
  • Optimize resource allocation and capacity planning.
  • Visualize WAN links and identify poor connections.
  • Measure round trip time and reduce MTTR with link availability and detailed statistic reports.
  • Monitor jitter, latency, MOS, and packet loss for VoIP links.
  • Analyze historical trend reports for improved capacity planning.
  • ICMP Ping
  • Traceroute
  • Switch Port Mapper
  • SNMP MIB Browser
  • Telnet/SSH

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