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Device Control Plus

ManageEngine Device Control Plus is a comprehensive data leakage prevention solution that allows you to control, block and monitor USB and peripheral devices from having unauthorized access to your sensitive data.

Product Includes

  • Device Control 
  • Port Control
  • File Access Control
  • File Transfer Control
  • Trusted Device List
  • Temporary Access
  • Reports and Audits
  • File Shadowing
  • File Tracing

How will Device Control Plus help you?

  • Set read-only access, block copying of files from removable devices, and do more with our simple policies designed to get you started right away.
  • Ensure on-time data protection and allow limited data transfer by setting restrictions to file size and file type based on the data your business handles.
  • Identifying and blocking malicious devices is tedious. Instead, create a trusted device list which ensures no device, unless authorized, can ever gain access to your endpoints.
  • Whether the device is inside your network perimeter or not, instantly grant temporary access for a specific amount of time to avoid hurting employee’ productivity.
  • Device Control Plus’s expertly curated dashboards, strict device control policies and clear-cut audits demand absolutely no training.
  • Know who is using what device on which endpoint with clear-cut audits and reports, and receive instant alerts in case of unauthorized access.


  • Safeguard Data
  • Uninterrupted Device Control
  • Eliminating Data Loss
  • Right Access
  • Monitor Hacks
  • Alerts for Critical Events

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