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AD360 is a unified solution for identity and access management (IAM) needs of organizations running on Windows-based infrastructure. AD360 gives you the power to combine any or all of the following five ManageEngine AD Solutions into single-dashboard, single sign on, and single configuration IAM tool. These tools are namely, ADManager Plus, ADSelfService Plus, ADAudit Plus, O365 Manager Plus and Exchange Reporter Plus.

Product Includes

  • ADManager Plus
  • ADSelfService Plus
  • ADAudit Plus
  • O365 Manager Plus
  • Exchange Reporter Plus

How will AD360 help you?

With AD360, you can dramatically improve how IT supports your diverse business needs. Whether it’s on-premises, cloud-based, or a hybrid, by leveraging the capabilities of AD360 you can make your IT environment more secure and easy to manage.

  • Perform all your IAM tasks with a simple, easy-to-use interface
  • Manage users’ identities and access with ease.
  • Enforce security, and ensure compliance as a part of your Active Directory Management
  • Empower users. Eliminate password related help desk calls.
  • Optimize the Exchange infrastructure of your organization
  • Automate your Office 365 management and reporting


  • Streamline user life cycle management
  • Securely audit AD, Office 365, and file servers
  • SSO for enterprise applications
  • Self-service password management
  • Automation with approval workflow
  • Role-based help desk delegation
  • Backup and disaster recovery


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