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ServiceDesk Plus is a game changer in turning IT teams from daily fire-fighting to delivering awesome customer service. It provides great visibility and central control in dealing with IT issues to ensure that businesses suffer no downtime. For 10 years and running, it has been delivering smiles to millions of IT folks, end users, and stakeholders alike.

Product Includes

  • ITIL ready features
  • Best practice ITSM workflows
  • Powerful integrations with IT management apps
  • Smart automation
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Codeless customizations
  • Deploy on cloud or on-premises

How can ServiceDesk Plus help you?

  • Gain control of your help desk
  • Manage changes with precision
  • Optimize service delivery
  • Deliver IT projects on time
  • Drive decisions with the right data
  • Collaborate with other IT systems
  • Streamline asset management


  • Track incidents easily
  • Implement changes with minimal impact and risks
  • Showcase all IT services in a service catalogue
  • Gain IT help desk insights
  • Empower end-users with a self-service portal
  • Create a rich knowledge base
  • Automatic ticket dispatch
  • Manage an entire IT asset inventory


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What customers have to say

Muhammad Gouda

I’d say that ServiceDesk Plus is a best ticketing system that helped me manage my team and their assignments much easier, its reporting tool made me monitor and report team progress in a visualized way… I love it so much.

ITWORX Education

Coenie Swanepoel

The ManageEngine products do exactly what the company promises them to do and at a very competitive price. I am yet to submit a single complaint about any of ITR Technology’s or ManageEngine’s services, products or costs.  Always a pleasure to work with them and they never shy away from any request, no matter how complex it might be.

Manager: IT Governance, Risk and Compliance, Altech Netstar

Rika Myburg

In the past we didn’t have the ability to monitor our environment, we relied on customers and suppliers to let us know whether we had downtime. The ManageEngine products have allowed us to monitor and predict possible downtime. A lot of our work has been automated for example our contract management, workflows and approvals. Our incidents and change management are now all linked through one tool, ServiceDesk Plus which streamlines processes and provides us with full governance and an audit trail around that. I love working with ITR! The ITR Team goes out of their way to assist you and make adjustments to your system to ensure everything is working optimally.

IT Head, GWK

Rosina Boihang

ServiceDesk Plus has helps us meet our SLA targets and makes reporting easier. It has also minimised the number of calls logged per technician. I love the fact that it has work load balancing especially for our technicians, the calls can be distributed evenly. It saved us a significant amount of time as we were logging calls on the system that was implemented for the whole of Gauteng & it was not easy to get reports from the system. ServiceDesk Plus has all the features that are required for IT service to run smoothly and for us to achieve our targets. ITR Technology customer services and products are the best in the market!

ICT Service Level Management, Gauteng Department of Economic Development

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