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OS Deployer

OS Deployer automates the disk imaging and deployment process. It helps administrators capture images of different OS versions and store them in a network share, to create different deployment templates for various employee roles and deploy images to new systems all from a central management console. By standardizing their OS, enterprises can reduce the number of resources allocated to support, training, and management of OS.

Product Includes

  • Central image capturing
  • OS Imaging
  • OS Deployment
  • Deployment templates
  • Universal deployment

How can OS Deployer help you?

  • Capture the master image of your computer, including OS and applications.
  • Automate the deployment of OS to provision new computers or repair OS quickly.
  • Create and maintain different deployment templates to match the user roles or departments.
  • Our computer image software maintains a single master image irrespective of the hardware to which it is being deployed.


  • Automate OS imaging
  • Streamline OS deployment
  • Create multiple deployment templates
  • Utilize universal deployment

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