Analytics Plus

Analytics Plus is an on-premises reporting and business intelligence service that helps admins easily analyse their IT data and create insightful reports and dashboards for informed decision-making. AnalyticsPlus' powerful visualisations offer key insights that are required for making business-critical decisions.
Analytics Plus 1
Product Includes
  • Instant, flexible report creation
  • Auto-analysis of data
  • Powerful visualizations
  • Holistic view of IT
  • Ability to schedule reports
  • Share and collaborate functionality
Analytics Plus 1
How will Analytics Plus help you?
  • Gain better insight into your ITSM and IT data
  • Connect and upload data from multiple platforms with ease
  • Conduct an in-depth KPI’s analysis
  • Get deeper insights into helpdesk, customer support operations, network and application monitoring, by integrating with ManageEngine’s ITSM, Support and IT Operations suite
  • Easily share reports across your organization with intuitive export, embed, and publish options.
Analytics Plus 3
Analytics Plus 3
Analytics Plus 5
  • Easy to use interface
  • Visualization variety
  • Smart dashboards
  • Powerful formula engine
  • Out of the box integration with:
  1. ServiceDesk Plus
  2. SupportCentre Plus
  3. Applications Manager
  4. OpManager
  • Fine-grained access control- set permissions
  • Print and email- Export or print reports for offline access. Get reports automatically emailed to your inbox
  • Publish and embed reports
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