OpUtils is a switch port and IP address management software that helps network engineers manage their switches and IP address space with ease. With its comprehensive set of over 30 tools, OpUtils helps network engineers perform network monitoring tasks like detecting rogue device intrusion, tracking bandwidth usage, monitoring the availability of critical devices, backing up Cisco configuration files, and more.
OpUtils 1
Product Includes
  • SNMP tools
  • CISCO tools
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Network Monitoring tools
  • Network Tools
  • Address monitoring tools
OpUtils 1
How can OpUtils help you?
  • Keep track of all IP addresses
  • Manage all switch ports
  • Detect rogue devices
  • Monitor network performance
OpUtils 3
OpUtils 3
OpUtils 5
  • IP Address Management
  • Switch Port Management
  • Rogue Device Detection
  • Bandwidth Monitor
  • Config File Management
  • Wake-on Lan tool
OpUtils 5

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