ADSelfService Plus

ADSelfService Plus is an integrated self-service Active Directory password management and single sign-on solution. Inarguably the industry’s most feature-rich solution, ADSelfService Plus supports both on-premises Active Directory and cloud applications for password management.
Product Includes
  • Active Directory Change Password.
  • Mobile Password Management.
  • GINA/Mac/Linux Agent.
  • Multi-factor Authentication.
  • Password Policy Enforcer.
  • Mail Group Subscription.
  • Desktop and Mobile App Customization.
How will ADSelfService Plus help you?
  • Reduce critical password tickets.
  • Minimize Helpdesk time and workload.
  • Identity Verification via multi-factor authentication.
  • Generate User list and account status reports.
  • Address Identity Management Password Challenges using Self Service.
  • Self Service Password Reset.
  • Manage Account Unlock.
  • Password/ Account Expiry Notification to users.
  • Enterprise Single sign-on.
  • Password Synchronizer.
  • Windows Logon Two-factor Authentication.
  • Update Personal information on AD.
  • Employee Directory Search.

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