Mobile Device Management for MSP

Today’s Managed Service Providers need to account for mobile devices, BYOD and on-the-go workforces. You need a way to equip your customers to be as productive as possible, while keeping their devices and data safe and secure. ManageEngines’ Remote Mobile Device Management for MSPs offers a complete Mobile Device Management solution for Managed Service Providers.
Mobile Device Management for MSP dashboard
Product Includes
  • Multi-platform support: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, tvOS and Chrome OS
  • Remotely control devices without installing additional agents
  • Securely access and distribute enterprise resources
  • Efficient BYOD management through containerization
  • Silently install, update and uninstall apps
  • Manage mobile assets and track device-related information
  • Perform remote lock and data wipe
Mobile Device Management for MSP dashboard
How will Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP help you?


  • Available in three editions to suit enterprises of all shapes and size.
  • Segment your customers into logical containers ensuring total data privacy.
  • Integrations with Google, Apple, Samsung, Sony, and Windows provides IT administrators using MDM MSP with additional management capabilities facilitating easy and efficient device management.
  • Enhanced BYOD management with support for containerization, which ensures the organization can control only the corporate workspace while having zero control over personal space maintaining complete data privacy.
  • Ensure devices are compliant with different compliance policies such as GDPR, ISO, HIPAA etc, thereby ensuring user and data privacy.
  • Integration with Zoho Assist, ensures no additional agents are to be installed for remotely controlling devices.
  • Customer privacy is considered paramount and hence, open-source Zoho maps is used for location-related services.
  • Generate 10+ out-of-the-box reports scheduled and delivered to your mailboxes, thereby ensuring comprehensive asset management.
Mobile Device Management for MSP custom settings
  • Audit
  • Enroll
  • Configure Profiles
  • Manage Apps
  • Maintain Devices
  • Secure Corporate Data
Mobile Device Management for MSP custom settings

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