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Log360 is a one-stop solution for all your log management and network security challenges. This tightly-integrated solution combines the capabilities of ADAudit Plus, EventLog Analyzer, O365 Manager Plus, Exchange Reporter Plus, and Cloud Security Plus. With a versatile combination like this, you’ll gain complete control over your network; you’ll be able to audit Active Directory changes, network device logs, Microsoft Exchange Servers, Microsoft Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, and your public cloud infrastructure all from a single console.

Product includes

  • Agent-less and agent-based log collection
  • Over 1000 predefined report and alert profiles
  • Event correlation engine
  • Streamlined incident management
  • Augmented threat intelligence platform
  • Forensic analysis and reporting

How will Log360 help you?

  • Monitor and audit critical Active Directory changes in real time.
  • Gain visibility into your AWS and Azure cloud infrastructures.
  • Enhance security and ensure integrity of the important data within your organization.
  • Efficiently monitor, report on, and audit your Microsoft Exchange Servers.
  • Receive exhaustive information in the form of audit reports on critical events in Azure Active Directory and Exchange Online.
  • Generate real-time alerts when globally blacklisted IP addresses and URLs recognized from STIX/TAXII-based feeds are encountered in your network.
  • Meet stringent requirements of regulatory mandates (PCI DSS, FISMA, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, GPG 13, and the GDPR)
  • Utilize ready-made reports on collected logs


  • Integrated Compliance Management
  • Real-Time Active Directory Change Auditing
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • SQL and IIS Auditing
  • Network Device Auditing
  • Office 365 Administration
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Exchange Auditing
  • Data Visibility and Security


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