Manage Active Directory from ServiceDesk Plus? Now you can!

Why don’t help desk applications manage Active Directory (AD)? Given the wide array of features that ITSM tools natively offer, it seems like AD management should be packaged into them too. Without AD management tools built into their help desks, organizations tend to use the notoriously difficult to use and unintuitive native AD management tools to manage their AD. This just adds to the ever-extending list of challenges that help desk technicians must tackle each day.

For AD management, help desk technicians must toggle across multiple application consoles to resolve tickets for creating a user in AD, enabling or disabling users, deleting users, resetting passwords, and so on.We know you’ve been there

Most the time, help desk technicians are hard pressed for time. They face a deluge of tickets daily, often resulting in small errors while onboarding or offboarding users. For instance, if multiple help desk technicians onboard new users and each one follows their own naming format, that could lead to inconsistency and confusion. Imagine the horror of wrongly deleting a user in your AD environment just because their name was listed in the wrong format.

Help desk technicians also must bear the brunt of password reset requests every day. Receiving just one too many requests not only nibbles away at a help desk technician’s time, but also eats into the organization’s productivity due to employee idle time.

ADManager Plus + ServiceDesk Plus = Integrated identity management

Wouldn’t it be just wonderful if you had an integrated solution for identity management? A full-fledged help desk that included everything you needed to fully manage AD? You’d probably feel like you had superpowers! Well, we’ve hidden the solution in plain sight: ServiceDesk Plus now integrates with ADManager Plus.

ADManager Plus, our AD management and reporting solution, already helps administrators and help desk technicians perform their complex day-to-day activities with ease, including bulk user onboarding and offboarding, permissions management, password resets, and more. With this integration, ServiceDesk Plus—our complete IT ticketing system—includes ADManager Plus’ most powerful AD management features.This integration lets you:

  • Simultaneously provision user accounts in Office 365, G Suite, and Skype for Business.
  • Save time and effort by performing routine activities from a single console. You’ll no longer need to copy data from service requests into any native AD management tools.
  • Customize user details during onboarding with the help of ADManager Plus’ user templates. Set user properties in just three simple steps.
  • Standardize your user naming format and prevent duplicate user accounts from being created in AD.
  • Resolve password reset requests quickly to reduce employee idle time and increase your organization’s net productivity.

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