ManageEngine recognized as best cloud security vendor

We’re pleased to announce that ManageEngine has been recognized as the best cloud security vendor in the Tahawul Tech Future Security Awards 2019, held in Dubai. Tahawul Tech is a leading digital technology publication in the Middle East, and the Future Security Awards honor companies in the region that have delivered cutting-edge security solutions. With more than 150 nominations across various categories, ManageEngine is proud to be recognized for its contribution to cloud security through its award-winning solution, Cloud Security Plus.

The shift to the cloud has transformed business operations across the world. However, with it came innumerable security challenges, especially with regards to keeping confidential data secure. ManageEngine sought to address this gap with Cloud Security Plus, and the Future Security award highlights ManageEngine’s continuing commitment to help companies keep their cloud platforms safe.

Use Cloud Security Plus to secure your cloud platforms
Cloud Security Plus provides comprehensive security for multiple public cloud accounts from a single console, with support for leading cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Salesforce Cloud. It offers comprehensive reports, an easy search mechanism, and customizable alert profiles to track and analyze events happening across cloud environments, thus facilitating smooth business operations in the cloud.

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