The IT Professional Remote Working Challenge

COMPETITION – WIN A R 1000 Takealot Voucher- #RemoteWorkingChallenge

We can only imagine that the increase in remote working has posed challenges for you the IT professional. From dispersed end users to security vulnerabilities and more, it cannot be easy.

We would like to hear from you to find out what your biggest challenges have been and what you are doing to overcome these challenges during this time? We want to share tips among our IT community to remind each IT professional that they are supported and not in this alone. Competition Details

  1. Enter your details and answer the 2 questions above
  2. Accept the T&C’s before you submit the form
  3. Winners will be announced on the 1st of June
  4. You will be sent a report with all anonymous responses 
  5. Kindly note that if you agree to the T&C’s your responses will be used accordingly
  6. Please note that all responses if published will be done so anonymously

Share this socially, with fellow IT professionals, to gain additional entries. When you share, use #RemoteWorkingChallenge :

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