What is ManageEngine’s AMS license and why is it important to renew it?

The difference between ManageEngine’s Subscription and Perpetual licenses

When purchasing an IT management solution from ManageEngine, ITR Technology offers the end user two types of license options, Subscription and Perpetual. It is important to distinguish between the two. The Subscription license model is an annual license that will expire if not renewed in time. On Subscription renewals it is important to note that the ManageEngine EULA (End-user License Agreement) states that subscription licenses need to be renewed 10 days prior to expiry of the license in order to continue using the Licensed Software.

The Perpetual license model is an outright purchase of the product and allows the end user to use the software indefinitely. Additions to your license will only be issued if the Annual Maintenance and Support (AMS) is valid. Further, the AMS agreement must be in line with the details corresponding with the license. 

ManageEngine’s AMS for Perpetual licenses 

AMS is mandatory for the first year after purchasing the product and amounts to 20 percent of the product’s annual cost. AMS for Perpetual licenses gives the customer access to technical support, user documentation, updates, upgrades, security improvements, bug fixes, multiple version releases as well as additional features and functionality. Technical support includes online access to product documentation, product updates, upgrades, service packs, email and phone support. 

If you fail to renew your AMS agreement and require any of the above mentioned – backdated AMS will be charged to get your AMS license up to date. 

As the sole distributor, ITR Technology will assist with first line telephone and email support. ITR Technology support hours are Monday to Friday from 08:15 to 15:45. Limited after hour support is only available Monday to Friday. Depending on the severity of the issue, a remote session can be initiated. 

If ITR support is unable to resolve the issue, we will escalate the matter on your behalf to ManageEngine for support and they will be in direct contact with you as the end user. ManageEngine provides 24 hours support, 5 days a week. On-site support is charged for on an ad-hoc basis, standard rates and call-out fees apply.

ManageEngine does not stop enhancing their products and continuously looks for ways to protect systems from compromise. In today’s age, with cybercrime being what it is, not renewing your AMS agreement will relate in critical down time.   

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding AMS renewals get in touch with us today.

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