3 simple ways to drastically reduce Active Directory administration costs

Any Active Directory (AD) administrator knows that managing AD using just native tools is a chore. To make matters worse, today’s IT environments are more diverse than ever. Increasing cloud adoption coupled with remote work has made identity and access management (IAM) more complex, which in turn has made AD management more complex, cumbersome, and time-consuming.

As a result, trying to force-fit AD to address all of today’s complex IAM challenges can lead to inefficiency and wasted expenses.

For example, when an employee is hired, their account must be set up—this includes configuring user attributes, mailboxes, home folders, and more. Likewise, when an employee leaves the organisation, all their access to IT resources must be revoked without fail.

As enterprises today opt for more cloud services to address the unique challenges of the evolving IT landscape, provisioning and de-provisioning users across these siloed cloud services in bulk becomes more complex, error-prone, and manually exhaustive.

This is a greater challenge if an organisation’s workforce expansion and turnover rates are higher.

Challenges like these can put undue strain on your organisation’s IT budgets and hinder its business agility.

You can download this e-book to learn how you can smartly overcome these challenges using ADManager Plus and save a great deal of money.

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