Establishing a least privilege environment in healthcare organisations

According to the Cost of a Data Breach report by Ponemon Institute, it takes 358 days on average to identify and contain a data breach in the healthcare industry. This means that cyberattackers may lurk in the network for nearly a year, gradually escalating privileges, moving laterally, and exfiltrating sensitive data before they are discovered and stopped.

In this e-book, the issue of deterring cyberattacks will be addressed—both from malicious insiders and external hackers—by establishing a least privilege environment. It talks about what this means for healthcare organisations, and how to implement it.

In this e-book you will learn about:

  1. Benefits of establishing an environment of least privilege.
  2. How healthcare organisations can implement a least privilege environment.
  3. Best practices for implementing least privilege in your organisation.
  4. How least privilege keeps your patients’ data secure.

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