AIOps in the ITOM space: Learn how you can effectively leverage AIOps in your organisation

In the past couple of years, IT Operations have gotten increasingly difficult. In the race for digital transformation, organisations have had to change their IT operation strategies completely. Organisations have started shifting from the traditional, on-site systems to cloud migration and hybrid environments. This has brought about a large influx of data which is impossible to manage using traditional methods.

Incident management has also gotten a lot harder for organisations. Troubleshooting and resolving faults through traditional methods no longer produces efficient results. IT teams cannot keep up with the many alerts and issues and resolve them in time. This eventually affects the user and customer experience negatively. The solution? AIOps.

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations or AIOps is defined by Gartner as using Big Data and Machine Learning to automate IT operations processes. AIOps helps organisations manage large volumes of data and resolve critical issues faster and more efficiently. Organisations can certainly benefit from adopting AIOps for their IT operations.

However, there is a lot more to AIOps that organisations need to be aware of before adoption. In our new podcast: AIOps in the IT Operations Management (ITOM) Space, we’ll be talking about AIOps in detail, including how it works, it’s various challenges and benefits and its future in the ITOM space.

Here’s an overview on what the podcast will cover:

  • What AIOps is and how it works
  • AIOps features useful to ITOM
  • Why IT organisations need an AIOps platform
  • Real-time use cases of AIOps
  • Common challenges organisations face with AIOps adoption
  • Future of AIOps in the ITOM space

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