Integrating Siri shortcuts with ServiceDesk Plus Cloud’s iOS app

Performing actions in ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Cloud’s iOS app using just your voice is now possible! With this new integration with Siri shortcuts, you can perform several actions in ServiceDesk Plus. For instance, you can view a summary of your requests and approvals without even opening the app.

 Just access the ServiceDesk Plus Cloud app to configure custom phrases as shortcuts, and Siri will perform specific actions whenever you say your chosen command. Here is a list of actions Siri can perform: 

  • Show you a list of all requests.
  • Pull up a list of all pending approvals.
  • Display individual ticket details.
  • Create a request using any template.
  • Opens the ServiceDesk Plus Cloud iOS app.

These are just the early stages of involving Siri in the service desk process, and we plan to enable many more actions through Siri. Try out the integration with Siri shortcuts in the latest version of the ServiceDesk Plus Cloud app for iOS, and stay tuned for more functionalities and features in future updates.

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