Introducing ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP South African version 10.5 with Time Sheet, field service management, and more!

The latest version of ServiceDesk Plus MSP comes loaded with features designed to boost the overall business and service desk productivity of managed service providers (MSPs). With a refreshing new UI, ServiceDesk Plus MSP is bringing some exciting new features like the MSP Business Dashboard, Time Sheet, and field service management in the latest version.

Here’s a sneak peek into the latest version of ServiceDesk Plus MSP.

MSP Business Dashboard

So many accounts, so many technicians, and so many metrics to keep in mind. It gets challenging at times to see the status of your business operations, what the inconsistencies are, and what areas you need to focus on. ServiceDesk Plus MSP 10.5 enables you to track where your money is coming in from, discover the top performing technicians, monitor customer satisfaction levels, and much more all on a single screen with the help of MSP Business Dashboard.Time Sheet

Errors in the billing and payroll processes often occur due to incorrectly or insufficiently tracking the amount of time and effort spent by technicians on various service desk activities. ServiceDesk Plus MSP 10.5 now allows the automatic conversion of ticket worklogs into timesheet entries to receive a consolidated view of status, logged hours, billable hours, and non-billable hours for all the activities technicians are involved in. Technicians can also send these entries through a simple approval process before invoicing customers to avoid any discrepancies.Field service management

Raise your hand if you’ve ever struggled to balance technicians around client locations. Well, not anymore! ServiceDesk Plus MSP 10.5 enables you to pin your clients’ location across the globe and track the geographical location of technicians visually on the map view, along with their contact details. With this visual view, service desk admins can ensure maximum utilization of technicians on the field.And that’s not all! ServiceDesk Plus MSP 10.5 helps you do all this and a lot more, including:

  • Manage the entire flow of the ticket resolution process by designing the request life cycle on a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Create a single point of contact (PoC) to avoid disarray among multiple account managers.
  • Allow MSP requesters (vendors or third-party call centers) to take calls and create tickets for other accounts.
  • And more!

As an MSP, you need better visibility into the activities happening across your company, insights into key business metrics, and improved field staff management to improve your organization’s productivity, and ServiceDesk Plus MSP 10.5 helps you do exactly that.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your MSP service desk a refreshing upgrade to ServiceDesk Plus MSP 10.5 by clicking here.

To learn more about ServiceDesk Plus MSP, click here and visit the ITR Technology site.

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