IT Management Solutions for Educational Institutions in South Africa

Ace your IT management. Smart IT management to help you shape brighter futures.

Perfecting education also means perfecting your infrastructure. Is your IT at the top of the class?

Technology can transform education, but your IT must be able to keep up. Any threat, security breach, network congestion, downtime, or drop in user experience can throw your class into chaos. Invest in academic excellence by investing in a strong IT management solution. With ManageEngine, you can take complete control of your IT infrastructure and services both on-premises and in the cloud to bring out the best in students, staff, and faculty alike.

Make IT the gateway to your students’ success by: 

  1. Handling complaints quickly
  2. Ensuring high network uptime and monitor usage
  3. Managing student records
  4. Securing your educational IT environment 
  5. Managing multiple user devices 


1: Enhance IT support, on campus and off.


IT issues can do anything from holding up a class to locking out the entire campus. Your IT team faces the uphill battle of extending quick IT support while keeping track of all the issues pouring in. Raise the curve with comprehensive help desk software. Quickly handle complaints and requests to ensure a smooth learning experience. Ensure easy access for students, faculty, and technicians.

Identify IT problems and manage changes. Manage IT assets throughout buildings and across campuses. Ace your IT support requests with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus to assist faculty, staff, and students in a timely manner. Simplify ticket management and improve your IT team’s productivity with comprehensive features that cover every subject. Integrate network alerts, device management, and user portals with your service desk to get a bird’s eye view of all your IT operations.

Customer Testimonial 

“We have used ServiceDesk Plus for over 10 years now and it is an integral part of our technology services. The product is solid, reliable and ManageEngine is great at updating it without breaking it. Their support team are great – knowledgeable and helpful. Our staff find the product easy to use and IT staff find it easy to maintain and use.”- IT Manager, Education Industry 

Explore ServiceDesk Plus (CTA button) 


2: School your network in the science of uptime.


As the power of online education and collaboration grows, it’s critical for your institution to ensure network and website access always.

Network management keeps you up to speed. Ensure high uptime for your campus network and applications. Monitor and regulate student’s internet access. Guarantee high website availability. Manage bandwidth during critical periods such as submission and admission deadlines. ManageEngine’s IT operations management suite helps you take control of your network, regulate bandwidth, monitor your firewall, and optimize your applications’ performance. Deliver an unparalleled end-user experience and keep your campus online, all the time.

Customer Testimonial

“OpManager consolidates everything I need to know about the health of my data center in one single dashboard. The GUI is easy to navigate and understand. We had OpManager up and running within minutes, and my team were examining it from day one of implementation, running polls and threshold tests to understand how OpManager worked. I am glad to say that OpManager is one of the best operations monitoring software that I have used, relative to the amazing price it has tagged itself with.”- Paul Chan (Infrastructure and Operations Manager), Anonymous University 

Explore network and application monitoring software (CTA) 


3: Write the book on managing student records.


Year after year, some students enroll and some graduate. Make sure their IT records are in good hands by maintaining accounts and ensuring comprehensive privileged access management. Active Directory solutions: The only cheat sheets you’ll need. Create new student and faculty accounts in Active Directory. Manage existing user accounts in bulk. Manage student access to academic resources. With ManageEngine, creating and managing Active Directory student records in bulk takes just a few clicks. Enhance your IT processes and eliminate repetitive day-to-day Active Directory management tasks.

Customer Testimonial

“I have to recreate more than 6000 users yearly, ADManager Plus help create these in less than a few hours. I have much more time left for other tasks and errors occur less often since the template lets you configure your users.” –Cuauhtemoc Gagnon, IT Infrastructure Technician, Anonymous College 

Explore Active Directory tools


4: Security: A test you can’t afford to fail.


Education is the second most targeted sector for cyber-attacks, which means that security is paramount. With so much data and so many users, schools are particularly vulnerable. Talk about putting your IT to the test!

Don’t let cyberbullies get the best of you.

  • Secure and manage admin passwords.
  • Protect student data and academic records.
  • Monitor students’ internet usage, VPNs, and firewalls.
  • Audit user logon activity to prevent misuse.
  • Monitor network traffic and user activity and look out for attacks.

ManageEngine security solutions help you secure your IT network, regulate student access to different resources, and keep an eye out for threats to your system. Satisfy all your safety, reporting, and compliance requirements at once.

Customer Testimonial

“A misconfigured antivirus client was trying to authenticate, kept failing and was filling up the log files. With ADAudit Plus we found the computer and it is protected.” -Donald Beck – Director, IT, Anonymous College

Explore IT Security Solutions 


5: Keep your campus on the same page.


With thousands of laptops, desktops, and mobile devices spread across campus, monitoring users’ computers and devices and ensuring they’re fully updated can swamp your IT team.

Get an easy A? with the best mobile device management.

  • Manage the student community’s BYOD policy and usage.
  • Remotely control systems and install software and apps in bulk.
  • Manage patch deployment across campus.
  • Restrict USB usage and blacklist apps.

There’s no learning curve: ManageEngine helps you manage all user devices from a central location. Automate repetitive management processes to give your IT team a little extra credit.

“It was a complicated affair for us. We needed to ensure that every system is up to date with Office 2010, Windows, and Third-party software. Desktop Central solved the problem with its software deployment capabilities, as well as update management for Windows Updates and third-party updates,” –Kevin Knuckles , Director of Technology, Anonymous School.

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