Multi-client network troubleshooting is now hassle-free with ServiceDesk Plus MSP integration

Managed service providers (MSPs) typically might run into a variety of network issues in a client’s network, and they address them without compromising the performance of other client networks. This requires visibility into multi-client networks, and good sense in decision-making. When it comes to multi-client network monitoring and management, proactively troubleshooting network issues may seem trivial, but they are not. Troubleshooting delays in client networks must be taken seriously, as these might lead to downtime and business losses.

Multi-client network troubleshooting is now hassle-free with ServiceDesk Plus MSP integration 1Need for ITOM-ITSM integration for MSPs

An IT operations management (ITOM) and IT service management (ITSM) integration is essential. It enables MSP administrators to troubleshoot client network faults faster, reduce cases of miscommunication between IT administrators and IT technicians during fault management, and optimize the overall network monitoring experience for clients.
The tools that MSPs use for monitoring multi-tenant networks must support their efforts to build a holistic fault management system that can troubleshoot network issues faster and reduce the mean time to repair (MTTR). However, MSPs face a lot of complex challenges during the process of troubleshooting, including:

  • A shortage of information about network issues from alerts.
  • Alerting the wrong IT technician which delays troubleshooting efforts.
  • Not providing an accurate history of an alert to the MSP administrator.

Benefits of ITOM-ITSM integration for managing multi-client networks

An ITOM-ITSM integration offers many features to untangle the complexities that result from faster troubleshooting by providing the following benefits:

Easy multi-client fault management : Ensures proper communication between IT admins and client technicians. This results in faster, easier troubleshooting of multi-client issues.

Reduced manual overhead : MSP admins will spend less time on configuring channels to communicate alerts, and IT technicians will save effort spent seeking additional details to troubleshoot issues.

Timely fault notification : An ITOM-ITSM integration provides timely communication of critical alerts from client networks to IT technicians. This promotes faster troubleshooting and reduced MTTR.

Better communication between on-field and off-field teams : An ITOM-ITSM integration helps IT admins pass relevant information to the IT technicians along with the critical alerts through alert customization. This helps avoid the barrage of to-and-fro emails between teams to gather all information relevant to a critical alert.

Easy tracking of recurring issues Track critical recurring issues in a client network by reopening existing ticket in your ITSM tools. Add notes, and custom information to identify and initiate the remediation process for issues that occur repeatedly.

Proactive, simplified multi-client fault management with OpManager MSP-ServiceDesk Plus MSP integration

The OpManager MSP-ServiceDesk Plus MSP integration provides a finer multi-client fault management solution for effortless troubleshooting. It helps MSP admins easily overcome the challenges they face with multi-client network management and helps them take action to prevent unforeseen network outages.

Out-of-the box OpManager MSP integration with ServiceDesk Plus MSP delivers improved MTTR
The combination of OpManager MSP and ServiceDesk Plus MSP integrates easily in a few steps and offers a hassle-free fault management system. It provides a centralized interface for multi-client management which transfers alerts effortlessly. This out-of-the-box integration helps MSPs gain a balance between inadvertently missing low-priority alerts and focusing most of their time on fixing network outages.

Simple client alert configuration
Critical client alerts can be passed to ServiceDesk Plus MSP through notification profiles which can be directly associated to client devices during discovery and onboarding. This saves a lot of time and configuration overhead. By configuring once and reusing the discovery profiles, MSP admins can further reduce time spent on configuring the integration settings each time a new device is added to a client network. This also helps eliminate human errors.

Timely communication with workflow automation
MSPs deal with network alerts every day. Gaps in communication stand as a barrier between the MSP admins and prompt troubleshooting. An ITOM-ITSM integration lets them bridge that gap with its immediate communication channels. OpManager MSP’s workflow can be used to automate the process of passing alerts in customer networks from OpManager MSP to ServiceDesk Plus MSP. Also, when an alert is raised about a critical issue, it allows the opening of tickets to be automated. This streamlined process leads to enhanced communications, faster resolution times, and improved client satisfaction.

Customize alerts for comprehensive troubleshooting
A lack of necessary details in an alert about a network issue can cause delays in troubleshooting as the IT admin’s time and effort is spent hunting for the missing information. The OpManager MSP-ServiceDesk Plus MSP integration allows IT admins to customize the level of details in the alerts that are passed as tickets. By customizing the details based on user and incident levels, IT technicians gain the concise details about a network issue and will troubleshoot at a faster rate. This lets MSPs prevent any unprecedented performance degradation.

Resolve recurring network errors efficiently
This ITOM-ITSM integration not only alert IT technicians instantly, it also helps them track recurring issues by allowing a previously closed ticket to be reopened if a similar issue occurs. This enables IT technicians to track critical network issues occurring in a client’s network and helps reduce recurrence, resulting in improved MTTR and customer satisfaction.

Learn more about how OpManager MSP binds tightly with ServiceDesk Plus MSP to provide a holistic fault management solution for multi-client infrastructures. Get in touch with one of our experts to find out more.

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