Speed up ticket resolution in your ServiceDesk Plus help desk with automation

Helping businesses deliver a seamless customer experience and ensure zero downtime has always been a key aspect of ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus. One of this service desk solution’s powerful integrations is with Site24x7, wherein tickets are logged for specific Site24x7 alerts like Trouble, Critical, and Down. Once the incidents are resolved in Site24x7, their associated tickets are automatically closed in ServiceDesk Plus. Also, these tickets can be designated to specific technicians, further speeding up incident resolution.

Automation steps in
Although this simple API-level integration enables IT teams to resolve issues much faster, increases the productivity of IT personnel, and improves end-user satisfaction, the process of resolving tickets still must be done manually. That’s why we have taken this integration to the next level by bringing in Site24x7’s IT Automation support. With this in place, tickets can be auto resolved, reducing resolution time even further and increasing efficiency and productivity.

Consider the case where a technician is assigned a ticket about clearing up old logs in database servers like MySQL or Cassandra. Manually logging in to these database servers consumes a considerable amount of time. With Server Script, an IT Automation tool in Site24x7, the technician can associate a script with a ticket or template to automate log clean-up. Similar automations can also be performed for restarting services and rebooting systems, saving time, and eliminating any errors that may occur due to manual intervention. Thanks to this integration, technicians can concentrate on business-critical operations rather than dedicating their time to manual, repetitive tasks.

With cloud technology becoming the norm, IT admins must monitor the dynamic applications in the cloud, in addition to their organization’s on-premises resources. With Invoke URL, another automation tool in Site24x7, admins can automate attribute changes, reboot any application in the cloud, and invoke AWS EC2 or an Azure VM with ease. In addition to monitoring private and public cloud services, restoring them also becomes simpler with the Site24x7-ServiceDesk Plus integration.

Integration: First steps
So, how do I get started? If you’re already using the Site24x7-ServiceDesk Plus integration, the IT automation profiles already present in your Site24x7 account will be listed in your ServiceDesk Plus portal. Select the automation that you wish to execute and associate it with an incident template in ServiceDesk Plus.

For example, if you have a server script to automatically clear logs, you can associate it with an incident template, say Delete Logs. Now when a new ticket is created using this template, this automation will be automatically listed under Custom Actions in the ServiceDesk Plus portal. Just selecting this automation executes the required action, amounting to hassle-free ticket resolution. The status of these automations can also be seen in the portal under Notes.

New to Site24x7? Complete the integration in a single step and handle your IT ticketing system on the go. Also, check out our growing list of monitoring capabilities, including support for websites, servers, applications, and multi-cloud environments.

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