Network configuration management: Best practices

When a business grows and its needs expand, configuration changes begin to take place on a daily basis. Network admin can carry out these changes manually, but this presents the risk of human error, resulting in faulty configurations.
In this e-book, we’ll take a look at the best practices that can help IT admins ensure hassle-free network configuration management, and avoid errors.

To help you create an efficient network configuration management (NCM) strategy, we’ve put together an e-book that covers some of the best practices in NCM. This e-book provides insights on:

⦁ Tackling network mishaps using configuration backups
⦁ Preventing unauthorized configuration changes
⦁ Tracking configuration changes and setting up an alerting system
⦁ Automating mundane configuration tasks to avoid repetitive operations
⦁ Avoiding vulnerabilities and loopholes by staying compliant

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