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OpManager offers comprehensive network monitoring capabilities that help admins monitor network performance, detect network faults in real time, troubleshoot errors, and prevent downtime. As a powerful network monitor, OpManager supports multi-vendor IT environments and can scale to fit any network, providing complete visibility and control over the entire network infrastructure.

Product Includes

  • Network Performance Monitoring
  • Router Monitoring
  • Switch Monitoring
  • WAN RTT Monitoring
  • VoIP Monitoring
  • Network Mapping
  • Server Monitoring
  • VMware monitoring
  • Hyper-V Monitoring
  • Citrix XenServer Monitoring
  • Process Monitoring
  • System Health Monitoring
  • Email and SMS alerting
  • IT Workflow Automation
  • SNMP Trap Processing
  • Network Performance Reporting
  • Syslog Monitoring
  • Network Monitoring Tools
  • Storage Raid Management
  • Tape Library Management
  • Storage Capacity Forecasting
  • Fabric Switch Management
  • 3D Data Center Floor
  • Systems Management
  • Data Center Management
  • Network Traffic Analysis
  • Network Configuration Management
  • Switch Port and IP address Management
  • Firewall Log Management
  • Application Performance Management
  • Remote Network Monitoring
  • Scalability in Enterprise Monitoring
  • Enterprise Network Monitoring
  • Distributed Network Monitoring
  • Automatic Network Discovery
  • Discovery Rule Engine
  • Monitoring Templates

How can OpManager help you?

  • Get the visibility you need to manage your network
  • Monitor your networks in real time
  • Monitor servers across multiple vendor OS
  • Track and resolve outages before they occur
  • Monitor performance of Disk, RAID and Storage arrays
  • Manage your data center infrastructure
  • Scale up to 10k devices & ensure high availability


  • Real-time network monitoring
  • Physical and virtual server monitoring
  • Perform in-depth bandwidth analysis
  • Handle network configuration changes
  • Multi-level thresholds
  • Customizable dashboards
  • WAN Link monitoring
  • Affordable and easy to set up
  • Analyze firewall logs
  • Manage and track switch ports


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